Missing Kids, Everywhere

True Detective
True Detective

I used to spend my weekend working.  After so many years, I decided to reward myself a bit, by occasionally not working, but spent the time while kids are asleep to indulge myself into watching series, especially those critically acclaimed type.  Due to that, I have watched #MadMen, #BreakingBad, #Fargo, #HouseOfCards, #OrangeIsTheNewBlack etc.

Quite often I also read the online recaps and reviews of the episodes of series which I have yet to read about or yet to discover.  So, guess what, I discovered #TrueDetective just few weeks back.  Got the whole series, but only have the time at night to watch them, after everyone is asleep.  Also, #TrueDetective, just like #GameOfThrones, too many nudity and profanity scenes, which not highly suitable for audience at home, who are yet to hit 18. 

So, what is the #TrueDetective.

It is about 2 detectives, starred by Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, created by Nic Pizzolatto, all 8 episodes were directed by Cory Juji Fukunaga.

Besides the nudity scenes, the episodes are pretty much surrounded with scary cult following, especially those painted with Christianity and how missionary using the shelter homes as a cover up for their sexual activities, yep, child abused and raped etc.  The list goes on.

The episodes also described how intense the detective works are, the families affected by their works and lousy excuses of affairs with so many women.  I am quite sure whatever been shown in the episodes are actually truth in the current world of how things are running.

So, watch it yourself, highly recommended.  But one word of advice.  Don’t think about affairs, which are short term with anyone other than your spouse.  The consequences are fatal, no way to mend it, no matter what.

Talking about the current state of affairs about missing children in the country.

Why so many of them not traceable and until today many of them are either missing or found dead some time much later.

Is that because we do not have detectives as such?

Are detectives thinking hard enough, constantly with alertness in their mind, thoughtful process of compiling evidences?

I remember my encountered with a police report about our car being vandalised.  I could see the finger print everywhere in the car, probably by the attackers.  The police reply, “t’s past my shift, the next guy is not sure how to get the print, don’t think you should continue with the investigation, just claim the insurance.”

How much confidence we have on the investigation about catching the real culprits.

Well, just a after good episodes thought, which I usually have.


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