Holding on to your kids, never let go

Global Indian Fair, held at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre
Global Indian Fair, held at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre

Visited the Global Indian Fair with our kids on Sunday morning, which was held at Mid Valley Exhibition centre, it was a 4 days event, which normally attract many patrons to the fair.  Other than Chinese, the fair was visited by many Chinese, Malay as well as expatriates.

This was the third or fourth visit to this annual fair.

The Sunday visit also marked the first ever horror experience at the fair. 

I was holding Inez’ hand while we were walking around the fair.

At some point of time, she let go of my hand, simply because she wanted to check some of the necklaces, bracelets etc, which was to her interest.

After several of hand letting go moments, as well as Elijah and Ariel were walking closely behind Inez, I thought things would be fine.  I was wrong.

One foreigner gent pretended to be me, and spoke to Inez, and held on her hand, which she was quick enough to know that was not her dad’s hand.  Elijah was fast enough to spot the stranger’s act, of which he held on to this gent.  By the time I came over, the gent disappeared into the crowd.  All these happened in split seconds, like less than 3 seconds or perhaps to the extend of 5.

A serious advice to parents, never ever let your kid walk alone, not even a split second.

Always be alert on the surrounding, bad people looks so much like good people, some time.

So, beware the danger is everywhere, be safe.



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