Just Got #FUD by #HaltAndCatchFire

Halt and Catch Fire
Halt and Catch Fire

I am a fan of #MadMen and #BreakingBad, so when #AMC announced #HaltAndCatchFire, with a synopsis of sales pitching, charming personnel of doing the impossible, and probably a bit of a #SteveJobs confident, and #BreakingBad challenges faced and solving them approaches, I was hooked to watch it.

However. after the 2 episode, I am sort of, I can have a happier Monday night without watching this.


The producer may not have done a close study on the audience preference.

If we want nudity and profanity, we could always look for #GameOfThrones and #TrueDetective.  If I want a charming sales pitch, I could watch the repeat of #MadMen or even better, #HouseOfCards.

For a character of #WalterWhite self pity, lowness to then the king of meth, I could never go wrong with #BreakingBad.

So, what is wrong with #HACF?

It has no identity.

Bringing down #IBM, you know what, you don’t to have a show to do that, the big blue is already going down.

Making personal computer that twice as fast and cheaper?  Ok, this approach makes sense.

Sex, more sex.  I guess Cameron as the BIOS programmer, this part is overly portrayed as too much.  Not really convincing.  I am sure which programmer loves to fuck and yet could have so much time to write codes.  Furthermore, how many hot programmers have you met?  Probably none.

Reality, producers.

Reverse engineering what IBM has and then hopefully can twist the IBM arms with showing what Cardiff has done.  Come on, who would be so stupid to tell competitors that I am going to make something like what you have, while hoping they won’t sue you?.

Again reality.

We are not watching some kind of Bollywood shows here.

So, what do you think?



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