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M Boutique
M Boutique

Decided to give ourselves a treat with staying in Ipoh for a night, after spending 2 nights in Georgetown. While looking for another home stay in Ipoh, which I could not find anything as great as Spices Residence in Georgetown, kind of sad, we settled for M Boutique.

Read reviews from friends on FB that it has great decor and ID, with great services, so we decided to give it a shot.

Talking about the location.

It is not located right in the heart of Ipoh, it is along Jalan Leong Boon Swee. If you are relying on the Google Maps, it is taking you to Hala Datoh 2, which is a car workshop. You find no hotel there 🙂

Upon arrival, this boutique hotel has no bell person to carry your luggage, so be prepared to carry them yourself.

Inez & Elijah sharing light moments
Inez & Elijah sharing light moments

The parking in front of the hotel is chargeable by the local council. Except Sunday, which is free. So you can park behind the hotel, which is a private parking for M Boutique. At night it is very dark.

Check in is kind of confusing. The hotel is trying to be hype at the same time looking rather confusing. There is no indication of where you should check in, like at the counter or have a seat and we check you in.

The walkway, noticed the wrongly spelled revolver
The walkway, noticed the wrongly spelled revolver

The service personnel looks really interested to serve you until they have checked you in, then you do not feel that hospitality anymore.

The place has the Chicago neon lights everywhere with petrol tanks as the decor. Some parts are with luggages, and there are 2 restaurants in there – Union and Old Town. There is also a shop selling M Boutique items, which are generally on the really over priced side.

The room is nice decorated with lots of ID ideas put into it.

A docking system for older iPhone, iPod
A docking system for older iPhone, iPod

While the ID has done a great job but the housekeeping does not. The bathroom windows are dirty and dusty. There are many baskets everywhere which if you examined them, they are filled with garbages left by previous guests.

About the hotel breakfast which it serves its guests, they are lacking in terms of creativity and nutrients. Almost everything fried.

The tables we were given was dirty. So I did the service staff a favour by cleaning it myself.

Food came in really short time, and the food seems to be cool, which tells us they were pre-cooked some time ago.

There is a laundry and lounge like place for guests to hang out while waiting for the laundry to be done, which we did.

2 iMacs are there, with 1 bluetooth keyboard which I believe the guest may have brought home.

The iMacs are badly maintained, with kids or adults abused them badly. The Magic Mouse seems to be gone too, replaced by the alcheapo mouse.

There is no air-conditioner in this area unless you asked for the assistance. Even though I asked, I was told to look for some other housekeeping personnel. Well, I got the hint that the housekeeping personnel does not want to be bother.

With all these flaws in services, I may not return to M Boutique any time. Unless I am in Ipoh for work and client has booked us here.

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