Paying Happily

The happy team at our favorite food eatery outlet
The happy team at our favorite food eatery outlet

I love great food.

Not intending to sabotage any of the restaurant I have been to, but just merely highlighting why we pay for good food at sometimes reasonable prices, sometimes with some premium.

So, we were eating out last week.  Walked into Kong Sai (广西仔)at Puncak Kinrara for dinner as we have not been there for some time now.  We prefer the same branch in Bandar Puteri, but it was already 8:30pm, and our sons had school exam the next morning, we wanted to eat some where nearby.

Walked into the restaurant, no one in the restaurant care to assist us to find a table.  Well, we found one.

It was left with leftover from the previous patrons, no one care to clean the table.

Wait, the restaurant has at least 20+ serving staff, seriously over supplying.  None of them interested in working.  So, I asked the owner a few times, he told me, “Just wait, someone will come.” Went back to reading the newspapers.

Approached the supervisors, same thing.

Was tempted to clean the table and get the food myself.

But then, I remember, I am paying for the food and services, why am I doing this?

Why am I tolerating this?

No way!

So we walked out and left.

Then the whole restaurant serving staff as well as the owner were surprise.  They were staring at us for a really long time, watching us walking out, into our car and drove off.

Yep, feels good that Kong Sai of this branch is never going to get our money ever, again.

So good lesson for any service industry, service is utmost important.

Attend to your customers, do not make them wait too long.  If you are not keen about the business, say so.


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