Manners in all sports

Messi, receiving Golden Ball award
Messi, receiving Golden Ball award

Watched the World Cup 2014 final.  I seldom stayed up late or early in the morning to watch something, other than doing it for Apple keynotes or Google’s.

Also watched the awards presentation with Ariel.

“Dad, look at Messi, he walks to the deck without proper manners of greeting the VIP presenters.” Ariel asked.

“Well, they could be from low income group, not much of education.  But wait, Messi is one of the richest football players in the world.  He is so rich.  Yet, he forgot about the key things of being rich, politeness, even when you are not winning.” I replied. 

Messi, after receiving the Golden Ball Award
Messi, after receiving the Golden Ball Award

For a sport such as football, so many fans watching and following, more so worshiping the players etc, the way the players behave really create an impact to the young ones.

Whether winning or loosing, we gotta learn the art of sports, which is whether you are the winner or looser, learn to suck it up.  Failing, you will suck yourself instead.

The feeling is horrible.

Imagine Malaysians with Thomas Cup, so near then so far.

It’s a sport, game, it will come and go.  Just relax.

I love cycling.  Sometimes I could finish long ride, sometimes I can’t.  End of the day, I remember to smile.  Smile to the world and tell them, I will be back.


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