Sex Education Begins, From Home


As the title of the blog suggests.  The sex education should start from home, not through the self exploration, trial and error alone or with someone etc.

Retna took a bold step discussing about sex education with our sons some years back.  However, only recently we have gone intense into the topics, well, sons may be in love with some ladies, one guess.

It is perfectly normal.

Well, I do think about sex, all the time, wherever I am.  I must admit it.

So, how to educate the kids about sex?  Tell the truth, without an fabricating the facts.  Also do not mix illusion into facts.

What illusions?

How long does a wonderful man last in a single sexual intercourse with a female?  I remember our sons asked this.  Well, tell the truth based on own experience as well as facts from the useful internet.

Long penis is good?  What about short penis?  Teach the kids the correct ways.

Saw so many sex toys adverts while stuck in the traffic jams, so good opportunity to teach the kids about right sex educations.  Volcano massage, milk massage, lip massage etc.

All right, parents, share your experience in the comments section.

Thanks and cheerio.


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