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People, walking
People, walking

Have an encountered with 2 same race females (as I am) today.


I went to buy lunch after fetching daughter from school, put the food on the desk for the lady boss to kira (billing), another auntie cut my queue and placed her dishes before mine.

Queue cutting, just so normal in Puchong.  

What really got into me, she found a fly on her food.  And she snapped her finger, and the fly landed on mine.

The lady boss told me, “RM6.”

“I told her, did you see what is in my food?” I asked.

“Just a fly.” she then removed it with her fingers, to another plate.

Never enter into this mixed rice join known Mr. Mix Rice.

Feels like some Puchong people is moving backwards like some from the mainland.


Walked to the next stall to get lunch for Inez and I.  Well, since I did not get the mixed rice earlier.

A stall known as Hong Lai (鸿来) which sells roasted chicken, pork rice.

Ordered the food and the lady whom took my order posed in front of the stall, looking at me, to check if I am looking at her.

I had a shock of my life.

She looks fair, but seriously, am I that desperate or she is that desperate to have men looking at her?

I am not a desperate man, neither I am a man who is desperate for sex.  I am happily married 🙂

So, what is seriously wrong with some people in Puchong?

God knows.

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