Easy Kill, Harder Save

webOS powered devices, by Palm & HP
webOS powered devices, by Palm & HP

Thanks to Palmdoc, I got to know and learn about Palm OS and then webOS, and also bought the Palm Pre Plus as well as the HP TouchPad.

Prior to so many Android devices as well as the progressive development, webOS did offer pretty good smartphone as an OS.

 Palm Pre Plus was the enhancement version of the successful Pre, which I think was about 1 year apart.

There was also something else, with a keypad, damn forgot the name.

However, none of these models ever make it to Malaysia.

When MobileFest was approached by LG Malaysia to have our meeting there some years ago, we asked the team about that, of course we were told, “no comment”.

Anyway, with the article published on Gigaom, looks like HP was not the killer, LG is.

Thanks webOS for the hope to change the world of smartphone, but later got crashed, and then copied everywhere with the great concepts.

Korean, as I pretty have not much of respect, do not think they know how to capitalise on the technology of which could be too advance for their comprehension.

So, RIP webOS.

It is better to die, then being bullied to do what you hated.

God bless.

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