Family Life Without Maid

Without the maid, who is going to clean the bins?
Without the maid, who is going to clean the bins?

Fret not.

I am talking about you should get rid of your maids.

This blog entry talks about me, getting rid of my maid.

We planned to for some time, but we are glad we put out foot down and getting it done.

At the end of the first week of August, we finally ended our Filipino maid service.

We are done dealing with troubles at home.  So this is not a blog post talking about her, why should I?

It is sharing on how you can live without a maid.

I will break it into a series, instead of addressing all of them at once.

Let’s address the first one, cleaning the house.

If you love technology, like me, then you again in safe hands.  Heard of iRobot?  While speaking to some media friends few days ago, they told me, Honda and Sony will be bringing in something like home assistant soon.

Well, think about this – the joy of doing things together as a family.

Yep, I got our sons and daughter to be a part of the house chores.

Our sons are now equipped with the skills to wash all the plates, bowls, glasses etc after every meals at home.

One of the sons will handle the bins.  Daughter will handle the wiping of the table.  Ok, not that great yet.

Who can do tasks without making mistakes at first?  We are not perfect, so keep doing it and things will get better.

It is about persevering.  Do not fall apart because of the short term challenges.

Yep, I know you can do it.

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