MYOB, Life is Happier When We Mind Our Own

Street performance at Osaka, Japan.  How young people knows how to find and earn a living in a modern world.
Street performance at Osaka, Japan. How young people knows how to find and earn a living in a modern world.

Weekend is here.

Quite a fruitful week thus far.  Have few positive news about the projects, which is encouraging to the company.

Family wise, also going well, although still need some time for the kids to adjust to handling the family, household together, instead of relying on a maid.  Well, I think that, generally would be the problem for most families in Malaysia with maids.

I hear you 🙂

Heard some news about close and far families about having the grown up kids to manage the house chores, which is still challenging, especially after the kids has passed 18.

My parents trained me and my elder brother to do the house chores when we were about 10.  I remember my father will supervise how I swept the floor and later mopped it.  He was always filled with comments and talked non-stop about how well he could clean the floor, blah blah blah.

I took these comments and remarks offensively, thus refusing to do them or if I have forced to do them, did them badly.  Really badly.

I only realised how important these life skills are when my father was admitted to the hospital after his first heart attack.  My mother was with him most of the time at the hospital, while I would be at home alone, which I then took up the responsibility to clean the house – washing the toilets, floors and kitchen.  I also learn some simple cooking that time.  In a way, I learn how to shop at the market because I needed food to cook for my father.

Since my family is not well to do, so we spent wisely in buying the things we needed at home, which Retna and I still pretty much practiced that at our home.  We never leave the buying of shopping list to our maids (in the past) as they will tend to over buy, which then ended up thrashing.

So, life in a family with kids can be quite fun, though with some challenges, but overall, good.

I take pity of families who still heavily relying on maids, you are actually doing more hard to destroy your kids future, the process is faster than you think.  Soon, the person whom could and know how to clean the house, places, would be a skill that really to acquire.  Never harm to have more skills.

Something else I want to blog about – minding own business.

It is rather alien thing to do to help someone, at this moment.  As we could be conned into something like resources, money, time, and the worst of all, emotions.

I witnessed how one person help people no matter what situation he/she is in.  I mean how do you help someone when you are also the one that needed help?  You know, let’s be logical here.





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