Talking about customer service

The beloved Peugeot
The beloved Peugeot

How often you encountered good customer service?

Ok now, how often you encountered bad customer service?

Before we all fighting and get our panties in a twist, whether you are happy with the customer service or not.

Let’s look at what Singaporean has to say about customer service satisfaction, which was conducted by Singapore Management University’s Institute of Service Excellence.

Customers of the transport and logistics, and private education sectors are generally less satisfied with the providers’ services compared with previous years, according to the 2014 second quarter Customer Satisfaction Index of Singapore released on Friday (Sep 12).

Let’s be fair.

There are some good customer service personnel out there.  I have encountered some, or probably very few in my entire life of dealing with customer service as well as being on the service end.

Sent our beloved Peugeot for quick fixing, as the side mirror refused to close when the car is locked.  I Google it and found a fix, which is through the sort of button pressing programming on the remote control.  But I could only get one to close, the other, no.

So, the Peugeot service personnel always in a busy state, while I could see some sitting in the office having breakfast.

Everyone has to make appointment before sending the car in, even for the slightest problem like ours.  I remember complaining a few times to Citroen on the same issue, after that, they told me to send in the car, no need to arrange any appointment.

My appointment was for 8:30am.  However when I got there by 8:30am, the customer service personnel already servicing customers whom supposed to come in by 9:30am, 10am.  So, I ended up waiting.

The service centre has no numbering neither any kind of sequence.  Everyone needs to rush to the service counter, often the one with the most aggressive voices, rude got to be served first.

So, customer service industry in Malaysia is a big thing, so, now who could fix it?

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