Tried Uber

Ready for Uber ride?
Ready for Uber ride?

I am always fond for public transport, more so when I could get into one which I could walk and save some time between meetings for work or just doing my own errands.

Where I am living and working at #welcometopuchong land, there is not much public transport averrable within the walking distance.  The nearest would be 3km away, which can imagine how hot and dangerous it would be walking on the roads.  More so, the Puchong roads have limited or no shoulder walk way.  So, pretty much we are walking on faith.

I used to get the Sunlight taxi which I could easily booked online.  But the downside is that the service was charged at RM10 per booking.

So, when MyTeksi was introduced, I used it a lot too.  Our kids used it too, until they told me can get a cab easily from the train station, more so, someone they may have already encountered and familiar with, at the same amount charged.

I like to use the cab to chauffeur between the home and train station but recently I was introduced to Uber, which is a private car chauffeur service introduced in June this year.  I read so much bad news about Uber in US, but I decided to give it a try when I sent our Citroen for service last weekend.

The service is not as fast as MyTeksi, mainly based on the availability of the Uber cars.

The amount charged is about the same as what a cab would be.  The main differences:-

  • Cleanliness.  Yep, I have launched 3 complaints with MyTeksi before about the dirty cabs and rude drivers.
  • Know how, where about.  MyTeksi has the Wave as a tool to guide the driver to the destination, where as for Uber, the driver pretty much relying on the Uber app, which I think may not have been the best approach.  It is better to show the Uber driver where you are going, like directing, before you been charged highly on the fare.
  • Comfort.  Depending on the ride, I have only taken UberX, which is about the same amount as taking a cab.  I am not sure about Uber Black, Lux, but I think X is good enough for me.  Comfy ride as most of the cars are brand new, less than 1 year.  Versus the cabs, probably 3 years or 5 years and above.
  • Fare quoted, can negotiate with the drivers if dissatisfied.  I did not, but the first Uber ride driver offered me a discount, after he took me on a wrong route, although I insisted that he was taking me for a longer ride.
  • You know who drives you.  Just like MyTeksi, you know who is the driver, but one thing I like about Uber is that, the driver actually call the passenger to confirm the ride again.  I normally called the MyTeksi drivers just in case he or she has confirmed the ride without realising.  Yep, I had that experience before.
  • You know how much you have spent.  This is one great feature for any ride could have.  I would know how much I have spent in a month for the rides for work, personal.

Although the Uber movement is still new at the moment, but I could see the benefits of it, so could expect more people using it.

Me included.


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