Handoff, is now hands off #yosemite

Handoff on Yosemite
Handoff on Yosemite

Ok, Apple’s site has shown that the #Yosemite may not come in September, but October instead.

Thus far, I found and reported the bugs found on #Yosemite to the Apple developer team (I joined the developer programme), and I think the team s pretty fast to response to anything that the developers may have posted.

I like the new OS X, and something I not so like. 

The handoff and continuity can be activated both iOS8 as well as the Yosemite.

I am sure you may have read about what are good stuff coming out of this new OS X.  So I will just talk about what I do not like.

The login screen now appears faster, but the loading time is longer.

Handoff configuration on Yosemite System Preference
Handoff configuration on Yosemite System Preference

Microsoft Office for Mac may not have been fixed yet.  Well, I am sure Microsoft would, just like the Mavericks, took them some months to solve the issues.

Skitch, the subsidiary of Evernote may not have released the fix yet.

For AirMail, it still crash from time to time.

For Aperture, I believe it would be replaced completely.

Well, it is great so far, I like it.



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