I have #HFMD (hand foot mouth disease) which adult is not spared

The IVR drip needles to my left wrist
The IVR drip needles to my left wrist

Our daughter first had HFMD on Wednesday, September 10, after school, and the paediatrician confirmed on Thursday morning, the next day, that she had HFMD.  We informed her school immediately, and also got to know about other 3 kids also down with this.

Our Ministry of Health has a detailed information about the HFMD (you can read about it, not much information and mostly outdated).

However in the neighbouring country, down south, Singapore, I found a father whom contracted HFMD from his daughter blogged about his experience in 2008.

I got hit on Wednesday, after a visit to the clinic, the family physician prescribed me with sore throat medication and pain killer.  On the next day, I got worse, with small blister developing and I came to Columbia Asia Puchong, they diagnosed me as #HFMD, and sent me home.  I came back as I was not able to swallow food, neither could rest well at home, due to the discomfort blah blah. I came back to Columbia Asia Puchong asking to be admitted.  The process was really slow, until Retna told them that I have HFMD, the whole process got faster.

The funny thing was that, the Columbia Asia Puchong put me sharing room with a patient with dengue, until a few hours later, his girl friend spotted my rashes and started questioning the hospital as well as I asked to be transferred, well, I got transferred in less than an hour to an isolation ward.  Totally isolated, with no other patient in the ward, no windows, feeling staying in a prison cell.

But, hey, I ain’t here for vacation, I am here to get well.

How the #HFMD haemorrhaging internally, with a vengeance
How the #HFMD haemorrhaging internally, with a vengeance

Today is my 3rd day in the hospital with sore throat gone now.

Less outbreak of the rashes, only few stubborn blisters still around, well, I believe we will get over it.

I asked the team of medical doctors whom are treating me, according to the family physician, HFMD normally attacks child, however, adults are not immune too.  So should not take lightly about this disease.

I also got a call from the Ministry of Health on a Saturday afternoon, giving me encouragement how to get heal soon as well as to sanitise our home.

I want to thank my families and friends whom have been praying for me, thank you and God bless.

My fingers aching now, gotta stop typing now 🙂

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