The Lack of Awareness Still – HFMD

The painful palms, feet etc caused by HFMD haemorrhaging effect
The painful palms, feet etc caused by HFMD haemorrhaging effect

Many adults may still think Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD) only affects kids below 5 years of age.  However, with my recent diagnosis, it is proven that HFMD could attack adults too, in fact, harder than kids.

Thank God to the medical advances and probably well read groups of people, no death (of which I could find online, while searching) that shown HFMD was the cause for the adults.  I know now most are afraid of the Ebola outbreak, which some suspected cases may have been reported here in Malaysia, but I think similar effort from the Ministry of Health should be placed on HFMD, H1N1, any kind of Influenza Flu which may have some deathly effect to human kind.  The type of warnings and alertness should be imposed at all time, not only when there is an outbreak.  The ministry needs to get away from the fire fighting approach.  

It is normal that parents will send kids to school even if they are down with flu, sore throat etc.  I called this group of parents – bloody asshole selfish dicks.  Pardon my language here.

If the parents of our daughter’s school have thought how the rashes may have been dangerous and contagious to others, we would not have what I am having right now.  I would be still productive, working and making living for my family.  I could not imagine how much I am already loosing because I could not be at the business which I am running it with my spouse.  Thank God for the good team @aboutcom_my, the business is still as usual.

However, imagine for parents whom relying on daily jobs to make a living, just like what the nurses told me, when they are not working, the pay stops.  The economic impact is simply way beyond anyone’s imagination.

Besides that, the emotional loss, depression and even the lack of support could make one’s healing a real challenge.

A simple courtesy approach would have solved many of these unnecessary fallen ill and away from everything.

Well, talking about courtesy, not everyone has it.

Some may think small cough, flu are nothing for any adults, worse of all, when one is contracted with these, they will simply blame one for lack of immunity.  Then they promoted you with crappo MLM multivitamin or alike.

My prayer besides getting heal faster, is to have more prayers for people to be more courteous and at least care for how what you are doing may impact others badly.  Again, this should be the prayer for all.

Sounds like I should be a lawyer, perhaps I should now sign up for bar courses 🙂

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