I got out from hospital for Pet Shop Boys

Pet Shop Boys live for the first time in Malaysia.  Picture courtesy of thestar.com.my
Pet Shop Boys live for the first time in Malaysia. Picture courtesy of thestar.com.my

Don’t panic.

There won’t be a zombie-like outbreak of #HFMD.  So chill.

I was discussing with both the doctors whom have been assigned to handle my treatment of hand, foot and mouth disease, how many days from the outbreak that I should remain quarantined?  They mentioned 5 days is the safest, based on their studies as well as guidelines given.  Do not ask me where these guidelines are from.

So, I discussed with them if they could release me on Wednesday, so I could attend the Pet Shop Boys concert, which was the first ever in Malaysia, in the duo 30 years of career.  BTW, how the heck can they forgot about Malaysia?

From all the tests returned, I am safe to return home, and of course to attend the Pet Shop Boys concert.  Yay!The ticketing in Malaysia is always, sucky.  Even though handled by AirAsiaRedTix.  There is no clear signage of ticket redemption counter, only ticket counter.  And the wording is so bloody small in a not so small stadium.  It was raining and great, no umbrella allowed in the concert.  So, everyone got to leave their umbrella at the counter, which was a major disaster and mess to redeem the umbrella back later.

For some VIPs, I noticed the organiser kept the umbrella for them, specially.  Well, VIPs.

For the rest of us, there was no queue, so fight your way through babe!

Pet Shop Boys came on at 9pm, which not much of the wait, from the stated 8:45pm.  They went on for 90 minutes with 2 powerful dancers.  The dancers were so great and they were also the main draw of the concert to charge up the dancing crowd.

They started with the new release album Electric before they went on West End Girl, Suburbania, It’s A Sin, Rent etc.

For the amount we paid RM101 per ticket, this is damn worth it.  To watch them performing at least once in a life time.


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