Thinking about being old, being boring

Taken few weeks before #HFMD
Taken few weeks before #HFMD

The mind is working at its best when one is thinking about many things.

I spent a lot time sleeping, thinking and watching the local TV stations while I was in the isolation ward for 6 nights.  Well, other than speaking to God, praying, nothing much to do, of course, the most exciting time being having the cafe personnel delivering my meal, that was the best news of the day, although the hospital food sucks.

When I am back at home, I spent some time catching up with my mother, she is here as my brother and my sister in law are away to the country in the north for don’t know how many rounds of honey moon.  

Although I sometimes dislike my parents, mainly with the way how they have forced us to grow up in certain kind of ways, of which I tried really best to get away from these methods as I do not want to be confined to just that, I want to be able to live my life out of the box, out of ordinary.

It is tough also when we have so many disagreement with ways how we are so strict in training our kids, that my mother always has to step in to protect our kids, well, not really protecting them, but rather help them to escape the chores of things they have to comply to in this family.

I do not think I am the best parent, in terms of parenting skill, nurturing them etc, but I am doing the best I could.  So I believe my parents may have done the best they could when bringing us up.

Few things I learn about in getting old – never let your kids decide what and how you should be.  It is your life, take control of it.  I give my mother the most freedom, to do whatever she wants to do in life.  We will assist her in providing the time, and resources for her to do that.

Plan ahead, think about what would be today, this week, this month and year you want to achieve in life.  You know, I really pity and look down at those guys who told me, so old already, why still want to do these and that?  It is because of these groups of people, many of us have the opportunities to do better than them.  For my friends and classmates whom used to tell me that, I actually make it a point not getting in touch with them.

Age is just a number.  Never let anyone tell you what you have to do at certain age.  This includes if one is contracted with certain illness, so long 1 or 2 of the body parts are still functioning, we could still do what we want to do in life.

Follow the rules, break some of them if you need to.  To older generation, this may sound really cunning, but that is true.  I used to be rebellious especially staying under other people’s roof.  However, I learn my lesson well, follow the rules, life is so much better.  When you can’t?  Break them, if you have to.

Keep an active lifestyle.  Do something, so something with your kids, grandkids, families, and friends, or even the community.  Learn something new.  I picked up Taekwondo when I was 17, most of my peers already in their brown belts, and black.  Guess what, because I put my hearts into it, without the fear nor shame to stand with the kids below 5 or 7 during the grading, I got my first dan black belt when I was 21.  In about 3 years, not bad.  I continued to 3rd dan in the next 2 years, of which I became the assistant instructor of my instructor.

So, life is great, don’t let others come in to ruin it, by telling you what you should be doing, how to life, tell them, f**k-off.

Stay healthy, stay happy.



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