#HFMD Teaches Me About Patience

iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus
iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus

Last year when iPhone 5S was announced, I hunted it high & low, booking it at all places and finally loss some bucks in cancelling all of them, as I bought it from Apple Malaysia online store during the Red Friday sale, with 20% discount.

Does having the thing first make any difference?  Maybe, but actually no.  Other than the right to brag, which most hates.

Change the perspective a bit, getting #HFMD fast?  No, thanks. 

So I have been on the look out for the iPhone 6 Plus availability in countries which will sell LTE version which works in Malaysia, while I was in the isolation ward.  I also made some calls to the countries getting the confirmation as well as shipping charges and arrangements, blah blah blah.

Ended up, not getting it from outside of Malaysia for now.  I can wait.

Why is that so?

While having the #HFMD, it is a disease that kills the patience in a patient.  One tends to loss patience because it is really uncomfortable for kids and more so adults, especially one may have more pain threshold.

Sitting and waiting for the disease to get off, and getting heal, takes so much of the toll of me, to be a better man, I believe.

I was yelling at my dear wife and kids while I was down with HFMD.  It really removes the best of me and puts in the worst of me, into me.

It was also a time to test my patience with some of the incompetence nurses and pariah doctors whom chose to visit my isolation ward after 10pm, which already passed my bed time.

However, I sailed through all these.

I hated being stared at, with my hands, palms now with skin peeling off, badly.  But, what the heck, who cares.

The more they stare at me, probably they too will get the HFMD.

Trust me, you do not want to have it.

So, coming back to talk about being patience, yes, I am now.

I can wait for our daughter to take her time to sing, play before an actual bath.

I can wait for our sons’ incompetent in promising me to clean and feed the dog, while they did not.

So, life is like that, we become better at some point in life.

Funny right?  Yes, God is funny.  He has His own ways.

We, just gotta trust in Him.


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