Screw I.T.I.S, Screw MEX


Often I wonder why we feel like our country is progressing some where, but some of the people working to manage the main infrastructures are yet to progress, or rather regressing.

How many times you have driven in city centre with the bloody ITIS display which tells you to check the latest traffic update on Twitter, on a RM20million display system.  Hmm, why such expensive system that does nothing, but to promote Twitter? 

Many of us, the road users praise the Maju Express Way, aka MEX when it was introduced, we could head to KLCC to watch the classical concert at Philharmonic in less than 30mins, from the #WelcomeToPuchong land.

I also got to visit our sons studying in city centre on the week days, and many meetings, family members shopping trips, to get our fix on tasty yummy food blah blah blah.  So many things to cherish about this highway, until last night.

I took more than 1.5 hours to drive from KL through MEX to the exit of Bukit Jalil.  Yep, it was that long.  Normally it is less than 10 or 15 minutes depending on which car I am driving.

Besides me whom caught in the jam, @retnavijayan and my buddy Ian too.  We could have just stopped at the side & open some wine and cheese to chill.

IMG_0311 2

The least MEX can do for such terrific bloody nuts driving traffic jam is to inform the drivers about this.

MEX as a private corporation is now from my personal opinion, really irresponsible.  It collects payment from the road user, and fails to inform the road user about the road condition.  So the money we paid is for?

You know what I mean?

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