Post #HFMD

2 weeks after #HFMD
2 weeks after #HFMD

I want to thank all of you for your kind wishes and prayers.  May God bless you not just double but seven times seventy times blessing to all of you.

It was a hard hit on my health this year.  I visited our ophthalmologist few days ago as I had some distortion in my right eye vision, which was previously under severe attacks of #conjunctivitis.  Guess what, the enzyme or whatever you may call the agent actually came back to block my retina which resulted the blurry vision. 

When he said that 2014 seems to be a rather challenging year for me, I told him, good year for doctors and medical professionals to make money from me.  We both laughed.

I hate being sick, who does.

Because of the #HFMD, I am not too sure if I could go for the 10KM run which I have signed up a while ago, which I was preparing for it.  Anyway, I will give myself a shot, never try never know right?

Bad things shall pass while the good things to come.  I believe in that.

Being unwell tells me about importance of staying healthy.  Not that I have a terrible unhealthy life, just that sometimes shit like this happens.  When it does, be ready to endure and persevere from there.

It is highly discouraging when you are ready to meet, do and work on something great, then I am unable to do so during the time when I had conjunctivitis and HFMD.

However, I am encouraged by clients whom have given me enough time to recover, now it is the payback performance time from me.  You bet.

Alright, gotta get back to the routine now.

God bless.

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