Meeting Google Glass

Ok Glass!
Ok Glass!

Have heard so much about Google Glass since its inception about 2 years ago, the Glass never make it to the commercial but yet on beta testing still, glad to meet the Glass, thanks to both Kevin Khoo & Wen Jiun, they brought their Glass to the #MobileFest Oktoberfest a while ago.

Hands on with Google Glass
Hands on with Google Glass

It is solidly built and made with seriously premium materials.

I like the way how the Glass is compacted into a really slim form factor.

I have also tried similar technology by Brother while I was there at its Nagoya’s HQ last year.  This is everything in small form factor, while the Air Scouter comes with battery pack and a mini CPU.

Was it great?

Yes and no.


  • It is designed with purpose in mind, if you are using it for leisure, then it is not it.  The battery only last 6 hours.
  • Light weight, wonderful notification
  • This is one great wearable, before smart watch, exercise bands come into the market
  • You can really use it for navigation


  • Pricey technology, still on beta, but selling at USD1,500
  • Battery drains fast, can’t last for a day
  • Glasshole, need me to explain more?

I am not sure if Google will give Glass another chance after this, because looks like Google has gone quiet about it, after this year Google I/O.


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