Ok done the 10KM run, my first ever

The finisher medal
The finisher medal

Ok, not my first 10KM, as I have participated in some runs in the past while I was still in school, however, none of the run I complete them.  I mean running from the start till the end before giving up half way.  Certificate also really malu to collect.  Since I did not complete the run, so for what I want to show off.

Until recent years, I started cycling and running.  I have gathered few medals in the race as well as rides I participated, but none of them is for run.

So, it is time that I finish the unfinished business.  Participate in a run and really complete the run.

I started with the run in 2013, 5KM, which I ran and completed.  So for 2014, I told myself, let’s attempt the 10KM.

So signed up for that.

In the end of September this year, I was infected with hand, foot and mouth disease, which trolled me for few weeks.  I tried to run on treadmill once I was discharged from the hospital, but nothing feel the same as before.

With the haze and missing race kit, I was thinking maybe I do not need to go for the 10KM, well, there is always next time.

Anyway, I went.  Retna was doing her first 5KM, which she completed well, praise the Lord.

Is it all worthwhile to do something when we feel we can’t?  Absolutely yes.  We just need to have faith.

Although I suffered some cramps towards the last 2KM, I prayed to God that let me complete this.  And He did.

I am not sure how to move on to the next level if I ever wanted to move to 21KM or something to that extend.

Well, God willing.




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