Inez' last year of performing on stage before moving on to her next school
Inez’ last year of performing on stage before moving on to her next school

Our daughter just completed her concert performance for the last before she moves on to her next school.

The dance performance was by Katy Perry’s Roar, which is one of the song I like.

Actually the music was not able to play for some time, until one of the teachers decided to improvise it by having the phone next to a microphone.  Of course not the most ideal as the sound is breaking, but what the heck, to save money and probably to maximise the amount the school can make, the school never seems to have learn from all the technical error which it encountered year after year.

Well, most parents do not stay for the whole performance, they would take their kids and left right after their kid has done the performance.

I believe if the overall setup is with certain kind of class, I am sure the parents would stay for the whole thing.

I have been to this concert 4 times now, twice with our sons and daughter respectively.

Performance with her dancing partner
Performance with her dancing partner

Do I enjoy it?  Yes, if it is our sons or daughter’s performance.


However, some performances were great.  Gymnastics, our daughter’s dance as well as the singing by the kids of ‘Do Re Mi’, from The Sound of Music.  I could sing along too.  The parents next to me (I was right in front taking the pictures) was looking at me, surprise 🙂


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