iPhone 6 Plus


After much disappointment with Apple and Malaysia telcos, retailers perhaps, or whoever’s fault this could be, I decided not to wait for the official availability of iPhone 6 Plus in Malaysia.

I got myself an iPhone 6 Plus, from a friend in Australia.

I remember the feeling of having the iPhone 6 Plus is about the same as when I first got myself the iPhone 5 in Singapore.  I was there for a short work trip with client, once the dinner walking about with client, they insisted of taking me to buy either the new iPad (4) or iPhone 5.  Anyway, they made it sounds like I was dying to get it.  Actually they too were planning to get these 🙂

We bought the units from an Apple Authorised Premium Outlet, shall not named name here, as I hate this outlet, be it in Singapore or Malaysia, they have terrible service.

The iPhone 6 Plus provides the same feel about iPhone 5, different from the predecessor.  I was using Galaxy Nexus and iPhone 4 at that time, before switching to iPhone 5.

The screen is definitely larger, and the overall feel of having a new phone that is well built, this is it.


Let’s about what I may not like, as I may find these dislikes to be ok later 🙂


It is huge.  Damn big.

Some of the pants that I have that have swallow pockets, the iPhone 6 Plus tend to stick out a bit.  While I was at Inez’ concert performance, I reminded myself not to bend my legs too much, in case the phone decided to bend.

While I was asleep, I accidentally left the phone next to me, and I slept on it.

Guess what, so far the phone is fine.

It is simply too slim.

So it is a disaster which would happen, to drop the phone.

Also the surrounding of the phone is rather slippery for softer hands.


About the parts which I like.  The larger screen.

Although not every apps capitalise on this new screen resolution yet, apps that still developing or being updating, you would enjoy the images and fonts to appear, really large.  So for those with difficulty reading or in need of glasses, you will like this.

The TouchID works fast.  Ok, the iPhone 5S works fast too.

The double tap on home button is a great feature to use the phone with one hand.

The phone is light and it can possibly replaces the iPad Mini, soon.

The battery life is great.  I could charge it to full and then left it overnight and the battery is still at 100%.  Ok, perhaps the battery is still new.

Should you get it?

If you are looking into getting a larger screen phone, this is for you.

However, be ready to pay a premium for this.

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