Nay, I already got mine, thanks senQ for remembering though

Be the first, first of what?
Be the first, first of what?

Just remember I have a senQ membership which I seldom utilise mainly I could not find the electronic appliances of our choice there.  Just talk about washing machine and dryer, the choices are mainly Korean and lacking in selection for a family of 5.

So, I always ended up buying from a dealer based in Old Klang Road, whom we like dealing with.  Also the pricing plus after sales services for additional years, no one could compete with them. 

Oh yah, I got a SMS from senQ, informing me that I could be the first to own an iPhone 6.

I know the message is sent at random to my iPhone 6 Plus, but again, this is where digital marketing went wrong.

Sending the info at random, or rather blindly, not knowing who you may be talking to.  I bet even my mother’s Nokia would have received the same message, about the new iPhone 6.  Does she need one?  Chances are no.  Seems like whatever the money of CRM companies invested actually produced more digital waste than doing something good.


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