Ayam Brand Encourages A Head Start For Children Through A Healthier Diet

Ayam Brand Marketing Manager, Ms Marie-Magali Falcoz having fun playing ' Tic Tac Tuna' with students
Ayam Brand Marketing Manager, Ms Marie-Magali Falcoz having fun playing ‘ Tic Tac Tuna’ with students

Ayam Brand, a household name in Malaysia for more than 120 years for its quality canned foods that are preservative-free and have no added MSG is consistently encouraging a head start for children and adults through a healthier diet.

The brand has proven that quality canned food can be part of a healthier diet by working with professional bodies, schools, charity homes and edutainment centers to promote and develop healthy eating habits among children, and to encourage parents and caregivers to make better food choices for their charges.

It focuses on supporting the Ministry of Health Malaysia’s efforts to fight obesity by educating and encouraging children to make informed food choices, and empowering them with the skills to prepare simple, healthy meals by and for themselves.

The brand’s efforts in branding, marketing, community outreach and changing eating habits have been noted by consumers who selected it as among the Top 5 Chosen Brands in Malaysia in the Kantar Worldpanel’s 2014 Brand Footprint Study. For Malaysians, Ayam Brand is synonymous with high quality canned food that resulted in the brand also being voted as among the Top 3 Chosen Brands in Malaysia within the Food and Beverage Category of the same study.

Children engaged in one of the interesting activities offered in Ayam Brand™ Cooking School, Kidzania
Children engaged in one of the interesting activities offered in Ayam Brand™ Cooking School, Kidzania

According to Ayam Brand Marketing Manager, Ms Marie-Magali Falcoz, the brand is championing healthier eating from an early age and is working on raising awareness and changing perceptions on good nutrition.

“As our lifestyles become more hectic and fast-paced, often it is healthy home-cooked meals that are sacrificed due to lack of time. Ayam Brand is empowering children to understand what is good nutrition and giving them skills to make simple meals by themselves, while offering parents and caregivers quick, convenient and tasty food options that are healthy through our products and our extensive online collection of local and international recipes, including kid-friendly recipes,” Ms Falcoz explained.

Over the past seven years, Ayam Brand has emphasized the contribution of its canned fish products to hundreds of charity homes and thousands of underprivileged children and adults nationwide, as many of these homes lack regular access to fish such as tuna and mackerel that are a good source of Omega-3, which is an essential fatty acid that the body cannot produce.

Omega-3 may help to prevent coronary heart disease, promote healthy nerve activity, improve vitamin absorption, maintain a healthy immune system and promote cell development. Omega 3 is also important in the development of vision and brain among children.

Since 2011, Ayam Brand has collaborated with the Nutrition Society of Malaysia on the Nutrition Month Malaysia programme that aims to raise awareness and encourage healthy eating habits among parents and school children by educating them on the basic principles of healthy eating through the Nutrifun School Roadshow.

One of the many fun activities carried out by Ayam Brand during the roadshow was ‘Tic Tac Tuna’, where students learned about the benefits of tuna as a natural source of protein, and omega 3. Through this collaboration with the Nutrition Society of Malaysia, Ayam Brand has reached out to over 3,600 school children over the past 3 years.

“Ayam Brand™’s emphasis on preservative-free, no added MSG products and our move towards lower sodium and lower sugar in products form our drive to help people eat healthier and is in line with the good work being done by the Nutrition Society of Malaysia.  The Nutrifun School Roadshow is a wonderful platform to get the important message of good eating habits to school children in fun and creative ways,” said Ms Falcoz.

In March 2012, Ayam Brand established the Ayam Brand™ Cooking School at KidZania, an edutainment centre for kids aged 4 to 14, for them to experience preparing nutritious and appetizing food which they can easily recreate at home, using menus which are based on healthy ingredients and are continuously changed so that repeat visitors will have something new to cook every time.

Currently, visitors to the Ayam Brand™ Cooking School at KidZania are baking tuna puffs.  All of the kid-friendly recipes that have been used in KidZania can be found athttp://www.ayambrand.com.my/junior-chef.html

For more information on Ayam Brand, please visit www.ayambrand.com.my or https://www.facebook.com/AyamBrand.Recipes.

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