Number of the Week: 4 Petabytes of Security Updates Delivered by Kaspersky Lab per Month

A handy infographic summarises the updates provided by Kaspersky Lab
A handy infographic summarises the updates provided by Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab delivers 60,000 updates a month to all of its protection products worldwide. The total size of these updates is equivalent to four petabytes. That is roughly the same as 1 million movies, or more than 10 million books. If you stacked all those tomes in a pile, they would build a tower that reached the Moon.

During every update the signature databases are renewed, the latest changes to the product are downloaded and other important additions are provided – all in a background mode. This, together with our heuristic technology, protects users and their data from constantly emerging malware, exploits, phishing pages and other cybercriminal tricks. Every day Kaspersky Lab experts analyze more than 300,000 samples of dangerous software and add them to the database. That comes to more than 100 million samples of malicious code each year.

The total volume of updates for all products is about 14 Gigabits (i.e. 1.75 Gigabytes) per second and they go to approximately 25 million unique IP addresses in 200 countries and territories every day. Thus, every month more than 4 petabytes of data are transferred to Kaspersky Lab products. The user barely notices this labor intensive, painstaking expert work because the automatic updates are installed silentlyand don’t affect system resources.

To find out more about the know-how that provides users with our updates, and see some of the most remote and unexpected destinations for our updates, read Eugene Kaspersky’s blog.

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