Amazing Woman I Married

Retna & the twins, celebrating their birthday.
Retna & the twins, celebrating their birthday.

Still feels like it was few years ago that we were married.

Then I take a look at our twins, they look so tall and large now, almost reaching my height soon.  I realised that marriage has been 14 years. 

We made mistakes along the way and we learn the hard and easy ways, but nothing beats the patience to wait for one another, comprehending the problems one faced along the marriage.  From do not understand how to live together as husband and wife, I mean married couple, to now we could make up the place we travel to according to what we each may like.

Up bringing the children we have are such a journey, just like us setting up the company.

Without realising, we actually faced multiple challenges and learning new things while bringing up our kids, building our company and also to maintain and sustain our relationship.

The relationship is rather unique, we are both couples, at the same time the business owners of the shared company.  Just like our kids, they are under our care.  For our great staff working with us, we occasionally treat them more like our younger brothers or sisters, so, looks like we have so many of those around now, our people working with us come and go, our kids stay for a long time.  But I treat all of them about the same.  In fact, I have times our sons mentioned I am so nice to our staff versus to them, they need to be in our shoes to understand that.

I have never think in my wildest dream as a child that I will be marrying such a great woman, nothing about setting own business, nothing about having twins and of course nothing about liking technology this much.  While I was in college, I am pretty much a notepad and handwriting kind of students.

I can see how we have progressed in our life, sometimes, we are not so sure how we could get this far, but I have one thing to be certain about, I thank God.  He gives us these opportunities to experience the downs and ups in life.  So we get through each stage of life, knowing life better.

So coming back to marrying an amazing woman.  I have always been telling our sons, you may not just marrying your wife for the good look, but the intelligence.  At some point, I mentioned to them, marrying Sri Lankan.  Ok, I am being biased.

We were at a presentation for something we have not work on before.  We were invited to the meeting because of recommendations from the higher level, thank you whoever you are.  Retna did most of the presentation in that meeting, which was a great thing, because this allowed me to spend my time listening to her sharing her ideas about certain great ideas, and in the meeting, I could sense the whole room was a bit impatient mainly they have very little time for us, but once Retna has started, she captured their attention with the ideas she presented, and towards the end of the time allocated, we were told to continue.  I could see the charisma in Retna, as well as the way how well she could think of ideas of which no one else have ever thought off.

Sitting in the room, I am seriously amazed and, impressed.

Whether we will be called back for the next meet, I know Retna may had impressed their mind.

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