Being Execution Bias, Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

Don't wait until it's totally dead to rescue
Don’t wait until it’s totally dead to rescue it

I always wonder what makes me what I am today, I mean seriously.

In the late 90s I was so excited about the dotcom and I was thinking what to do, blah blah blah, the bubble bursted, even the companies I was with, I got out of job.

Just when I think this whole idea of dotcom era was over, nay, now it is into the apps era.  Yep, we are innovative and creative.  Seriously, who do things with website now?  Other than reading hotel reviews or watching videos? 

I am taking cabs really often since last year, and I really enjoy the great apps available for me to do that.  Of course all these companies developed these apps are now busy in the capital expenditure.  Good for them, but also remember to enhance your services at the same time, or else why you need so much money right?

Working in the PR, well, maybe less chance for me to raise external capital or perhaps there is, or are.

Well, even there is, I am not sharing anything more with you here 🙂

I was reading Digital News Asia’s 500 Startups’ Khailee Ng on his investment preferences, which it is a great story to read.  But while it is nice to read, also remember to apply what you have read.

He mentioned ‘execution bias’.  I would like to share you a story.

I have many former colleagues whom were highly motivated – yep, with great ideas, seriously great ideas, we talked over all these ideas over meals outside as well as at our home (you will get it by now that Retna and I love to cook and invite people over for meal).  But one thing I noticed of the many people I have spoken to, none of them materialised.


Everyone is good at talking, I mean the talking stage.  Without moving to the next stage of planning, then execution.  I remember once, that my former colleague told me that he is great at ideas, but really poor in implementing it.  I think he is even worse when coming to getting anyone to implement it.

It is hard to put ideas into practice(s).  It is even harder when you need to find the right people you could work together.  But a lot of these things come down to money, without it, things hardly move.  Then there are those with lots of backing, but fail to implement it.

Then there are also these group of peoples, whom name-dropping-like-no-tomorrow.  “I was having lunch with Tan Sri This That,”  “Tan Sri This That is my uncle.” “I was in the same class as this Datuk This That,” blah blah blah.  Name drop, no action, nothing.

I have had God-Knows-How-Many conversations with our kids on the same thing about getting things done.  They too failed.  But I am not going to give up on them.  They need to learn some hardship in order to know how to chase after what they want in life.

Ok, coming back to ‘execution bias’.

Yes, I think this is key.  I remember attending dinner after dinner and then drinking session with female performing on stage with very little clothes organised by my cousins while I was in Penang, with great new business ideas blah blah, then ended with smoke, yep, nothing.

A great example of executive bias – when you feel like to get the house clean, make sure you clean it to the max, I mean like you never done it before.  Then, make sure you remember how this process was done, replicate it again, and make sure you can do it better.

The next example.  When you are thinking about starting to run, learn to run properly, then keep running.

One last one, new year resolution, how many got to do it?

Alrighty, have a good weekend.


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