TOP Day Fresh Raises RM6,000 for Yayasan Sunbeams Home Via Its 1st We Are Malaysia Tour

The children of Yayasan Sunbeams Home giving their “hearts” to TOP Day Fresh.

TOP Day Fresh, a revolutionary line of fabric softeners that promise freshness of up to 14 days, contributed RM6, 000 to Yayasan Sunbeams Home towards sustainable skills and education programs through the brand’s first We Are Malaysia CSR Tour.

The We Are Malaysia CSR Tour was held over three weeks from September 22, 2014 to October 10, 2014 with the objective of making charitable giving more accessible to more Malaysians by bringing the cause to them and making contributing to a good cause irresistible in a soft yet effective way.

The tour aimed to give back to a selected charity by adding fun and a clear educational element with a fresh approach on Corporate Social Responsibility as well as community involvement. The campaign had a clear impact upon the Malaysians that were touched by it.

According to Southern Lion Sdn Bhd’s Senior Brand Manager for TOP Liquid, TOP Lite, & TOP Day Fresh in the Marketing Department of Fabric & Household Care, Ms Ling Ai Li, the We Are Malaysia Tour is the brand’s first Corporate Social Responsibility initiative and consumer response to it has been overwhelming.

“We were overwhelmed by consumer response to the campaign as it is our first CSR initiative and we were experimenting with donation mechanisms that were untested.

“Some of our staff volunteer regularly at various charity homes. Through their feedback and concern we were alerted that Yayasan Sunbeams Home had run out of funds for art classes, an activity that the children at this multi-racial home look forward to every week. We quickly mobilised to assist them in raising funds that could help them sustain their interest and creativity in art,” Ms Ling said. “We are so glad that we exceeded our own expectations to provide meaningful assistance to Yayasan Sunbeams Home.”

The funds raised for Yayasan Sunbeams Home will be administered by TOP Day Fresh to provide weekly art lessons for the children and young adults at the homes over the next six months.

“We decided to take a fresh and novel approach to the fundraising to reflect the creativity that the children will explore through their art lesson and the core value of Day Fresh, which is freshness,” she explained.

Yayasan Sunbeams Home is a non-governmental, self-supporting multi-racial foundation, home to displaced, misplaced, abused and neglected children of single parents that was started in 1995. It currently houses 80 plus children, consisting of boys and girls in two double storey houses back to back, one for girls and the other for boys, providing a home for children aged from 4 years to 22 years old.

According to Yayasan Sunbeams Home’s Chairman & Founder, Pastor Alvin Tan Ooi Seng, the contribution by TOP Day Fresh is very welcome as it provides exposure to the children to skills and to explore new talents.

“We welcome all contributions and appreciate the thoughtfulness and care that the TOP Day Fresh team have shown in not just raising funds for us but arranging for the continuation of these classes that will be beneficial for the children and help them explore their creativity,” said Pastor Alvin.

To kick-start the charitable collaboration the TOP Day Fresh team feted the children at Yayasan Sunbeams Home to an afternoon of feasting and fun that included origami classes for the children.

The brand selected origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, to reflect its Japanese roots and to help the children appreciate the benefit of following instruction accurately, and understanding the need for precision and care in their work.

TOP Day Fresh also contributed a generous amount of TOP Day Fresh fabric softener for the use of the home and for each child who washes their clothes by hand.

“Sustainability and responsibility go hand-in-hand. We want to help equip these wonderful children and young adults with creativity but we also want them to be able to take care of themselves. And what better way to start than by learning to do their own laundry,” Ms Ling said in closing.


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