Pick Up Lines

Ginza, not my favourite
Ginza, not my favourite, perhaps the worst place in Japan where I will not ever step into

I am not a busy body.

I was attending an award presentation ceremony last night, while waiting for the actual to begin, despite my love of meeting people with the like mind, seldom I found anyone in an event as such to talk about what me and the persons would have the same common conversation, so I ended up sitting at a quiet lounge.  It was quite until a guy started talking on the phone, loudly. 

I was searching for my headphones, earphones, guess what, I did not bring any.

So, I have to tell my mind to not listen to anything this so-called non-sales, non-marketing guys was talking to a lady on the line.

His pick-up lines for her:-

“I love your website,”

“I love the way how you handle your business,”

“I love to meet you to talk about business,”

Ok, I could pretty much sums up for him, “I love to fuck you,”

The most ridiculous line I heard over and over again, “I am not trying to sell you anything, this is a family business, we do not have any sales nor marketing guy in the company, I am the only marketing guy there,”

Dude, you just said something so contradictory.  What the fuck is no sales nor marketing guy, you?

The conversation went on for longer than 30 minutes, while I was clearing my stressful mind by doodling.

Anyway, when I left, he was still on the same line, you won’t find any marketing guy in my company blah blah blah.

Good luck dude.  If you are doing business, stop picking up your clients.


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