Talking About Zebra Crossing

Zebra crossing
Zebra crossing

The very first time I learn about zebra crossing when I was sitting for the driving examination many years ago.  Since then I seldom ever had any encountered with it, truly.

Until when I went to Singapore alone for the first time.  I was standing in front of the traffic light, wanting to cross the road, since there were many cars on the busy Orchard road, I waited.  Then a few cars slow down and stop for some how no reason that time.  Yep, I thought the traffic light may had changed.  No, they were waiting for me to cross.  Wow, the magic.

Then again when I was in Kyoto alone, I was crossing the road, waited as usual, a Ferrari stopped.  Ok, I crossed.

So what does the zebra crossing mean?  For pedestrian to walk across the road safely.

From Wikipedia:-

zebra crossing is a type of pedestrian crossing used in many places around the world. Its distinguishing feature is alternating dark and light stripes on the road surface, from which it derives its name. A zebra crossing typically gives extra rights of way to pedestrians.

So coming back to where we are now, Malaysia.  Ok more specifically, Puchong.

There are 2 zebra crossing near where I work and live.  Often I will stop for the pedestrians to cross.  However, I noticed not every drivers will do likewise.  They will honk the pedestrians sometimes, for crossing at the bloody zebra crossing.

So, we have seriously sick drivers.  Maybe they should try to cross the road, and I am sure they will curse the same way.

Ok now we know how sick some drivers are, let see how sick some pedestrians are equally.

I stopped the car at the zebra crossing, the pedestrians mostly, were busy on the phone, messaging, texting blah blah, walking at the Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker speed.  All right, super slow.  Sometimes, I even spotted pedestrians laughed to themselves while looking at the phones, stop half way, then texted.

Human beings are generally selfish.  Agree?  Ok, maybe not all.

But who cares if anyone in emergency or half way dying, wanting to rush to some place fast, while you stopped half way to reply to one of your silly jokes on social media or whatsoever?

Let’s give these people the benefit of the doubt, I think we live in a world that humans around you may have been cold.  Sometimes, rather cold.  So they ended up living in a world that may not have been so real, but they are happy.  Ok, I watched the love industry documentary in Japan.

So we are pretty screwed right, nay.

Just chill, don’t step on someone’s toes if you do not have to.  No one will step on yours, hopefully.

So just be nice to others, same way you are to yourself.




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