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Driven our Citroen DS5 down south
Driven our Citroen DS5, hidden at the corner 

After we got the Citroen DS5, we have drove it to Rawang to visit my mom and the water dam in Kuala Kubu Bharu, as well as to have some nice meals there.

Last week, we did the same, this time took the Citroen further, on a slightly longer drive, we clocked in about 650kms on our drive from the land of the blessed Puchong to Johor Bharu.  While the car gives the comfort to the passengers as well as the driver, the road congestion was some how not as nice.  Disclaimer here, in no way Naza Euro is rewarding me in writing any of this.

The drive has been pleasant as the car response to the road conditions of the highway pretty well.  The front and back censors are big help during the traffic congestions.

I like the massage function on the driver seat which gave me quite a bit of back pressing throughout the journey.

The major downside of the car, the wonky reverse camera, which is like the cookies ad, now you see it, now you don’t.  So, kind of annoying at times.

The journey has been quiet and not much of the road noise, and the passengers were sleeping quite soundly.

Denon speakers with the sub-woofer at the boot gives the nice sound output while driving.  I hope there will be a firmware update to display the track name while streaming the songs via bluetooth.

Will share more of my experience in the blog entries to come.

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