Ok, I switched, rather trying something new, not totally new, I mean something I used to hate, then now I am trying it again

The Surface Pro 3
The Surface Pro 3

Ok, that must be the longest title of the blog entry I ever have, wanting to reduce it, but what the heck.  It just says what I wanted to say in the simplest way ever.

I started using computer when I was in the college, yep, not really early, as parents could not afford a RM4k+ machine, with that money, they rather spent it on our education and perhaps food, which, is a good move.  I would do likewise, now I am in a parent’s shoe.

So the very first computer programming I learn while at the technical college was BASIC, which then I evolved into DOS, then Windows 3.1, and subsequently when my mother finally rewarded me with a PC, it was running on Windows 95.  Mother is the best 🙂

So I got the hang of it by familiarising myself with the Windows, which is sort of my first operating system experience, I mean my own PC.  So, I pretty much spent a lot of my time learning additional computer language of which I got no use of after switching to a business college, which I ended using the PC for assignment and home work.


Surface Pen, still thinking how to capitalise it
Surface Pen, still thinking how to capitalise it

I also used the same PC which my mother bought for me, for translation work, tuition work etc to earn extra money.  Of course spent the money I earn to buy the Need For Speed game installed on my first beloved PC.

How the Type Cover lays flat
How the Type Cover lays flat

Actually I only played that game, pretty much that only for many years and I do not have any other game to play with, or rather none that interested me.  So, I ended up being the most boring adult around most people I know, who does not play games on computer.

With slight angle, of probably about 20 degrees
With slight angle, of probably about 20 degrees

When started working, the office computer was running on SAP so, no Windows, just a terminal.  I again used Windows again when I worked with an IT company which focused on designing webpages, again, the company gave me a Windows 95, which later they passed me a laptop, on Windows 3.1.  Wow, downgrading, but upgrading on portability ha ha.

Fast track to #AboutCommunication, we started with Windows 97, then we move into Millennium, 2000, XP, and we stopped at Vista.  And shifted to Macintosh.

The TouchPad on the Type Cover, not the greatest, in fact no where near a Mac TouchPad.
The TouchPad on the Type Cover, not the greatest, in fact no where near a Mac TouchPad.

The Leopard experience has been kind of ok, I fully convinced on Mac when it was Snow Leopard.  Then, when Apple introduced Lion, I hated it.  Like it again when it switched to Mountain Lion.  Ok with the boring Apple stories.

So, I have used Mac for some years, in fact half of @aboutcom_my (#AboutCommunication) of existence, so, few days ago, I started to try Windows again, ha ha.  This time, Windows 8.1 on a Surface Pro 3.

Why I switched?  I like trying new stuff.

First impression with Surface Pro 3, it is a practical machine with Microsoft team puts in quite a bit of hard work to make it different from what Apple already offers.  Also to make it something better, by copying what others are already doing, and done well.  Thanks to Soo & Ken for highlighting about the charger USB port which Sony already been doing that for some years.

I wonder why Microsoft bundled the Surface Pen along with the Surface Pro 3, which I am still getting the hang out of OneNote, since I like Evernote.

Well, again, I like to try something new, so I would try the Pen.

I was contemplating whether to take the Type Cover or not, but I thought it would be really hard for me to type when I am using it for email, MS Office right?

So, the Type Cover seems like a ok buy.

It weights 800g, which is like about 200g lighter than the MacBook Air 11, although it is thicker than the later.

I will share my experience on the Windows 8.1 in some other blog entry as I am still getting used to the OS, which I think could be a mess, I am not sure, compares to Yosemite, which is a lot of easier to use.

OMG, the Outlook, after not using it for more than 5 years, it is absolutely no invention, and seems to stay foot at some other era.

Ok, that’s it for now.


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