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Pebble Steel
Pebble Steel

Have been using Pebble for a while, but stop for a while as well.  Why so?

Decided to give it a break as I find the all black interface, kind of boring.

But, when I first saw Pebble Steel when it was first introduced in January this year, I thought should be nice to have a smartwatch that does not look so much like a smartwatch but a typical Swiss kind of watch.

The price point of USD299 when it was first introduced was a bit way too high for a watch without a nice color screen.  Look, to pay so much, one should expect something nice coming, right?

Anyway, my perception changed when I saw Pebble offered Steel at a huge discount, USD149, plus free delivery during its Black Friday sale.  So you know what, I bought it.

It took about 10 days for the delivery to arrive.

The packaging is really nice, look like what you would get from buying a Swiss watch.  It comes with leather strap as well as a metal strap.  So, kind of a good deal right?  Because on the website, it states only leather or metal, so now I got both.  Hurray.

Everything is the same as the original Pebble, except the build quality for the Steel is much better, perhaps premium feel.

The buttons are much nicer to press, or maybe it is a new unit.

The screen looks more premium as well, with the nicer finishing, perhaps sapphire, I am not sure.  Let me check on that.

The notifications work just well for iOS, I am sure for Android, you can configure further, like what notifications you want.

Will share more pictures later.  Stay tuned.

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