It’s Art, Everywhere, We Love It

Arts can be seen everywhere at Ubud.
Arts can be seen everywhere at Ubud.

Ubud, according to the Lonely Planet (thanks to the villa which has a book shelf filled with books), is culture with many arts stuff sold by the artists living here.

Where we live, it has so many galleries with paintings, handicrafts etc. 

It is nice to walk about Ubud to experience the arts scene, however, the walk way is rather limited.

So be careful when you are walking on the roads, do check the cars and bikes, some of them pass by really fast.  I am not sure about the snatching incidents here, but I think it is highly possible, with the narrow walk ways.

The arts may have been over supplied at the moment, I think.  For some paintings, they were left on the street, on the walls, with rains coming.  Oh well, it is not mine.


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