Coffee Lover, Kopi Luwak

The beans, with poo
The beans, with poo

Heard from many of our family members, friends and clients about the ‘Kopi Luwak’, which the coffee bean will be eaten by the civet cat, and then due to the digestive system in the cat, the beans normally not digested, and will be coming out together with the cat’s poo.

The beans will then be extracted or rather separated from the poo and go through a process of cleaning through some hot water, and then clean by hand, before being roasted. 

Of course the rest of the process is pretty similar to how coffee is made.

We arrived at Negari Kopi Luwak and someone ushered into the place with a guided tour.  We visited the civet cats, many of them, then checking the various type of coffee bean trees, before checking out the coffee beans, the ones that have been processed.

The excitement of Kopi Luwak tasting session
The excitement of Kopi Luwak tasting session

We were then ushered into a hut, which we were given various coffee with an option to get a Kopi Luwak, at the cost of IDR50,000, which is about RM14 per espresso cup, and we did.

The taste wise, seems like the regular Bali Coffee is better.  Or maybe we were expecting something greater, or maybe I just love the coffee which I have been served since I was a child in Bukit Mertajam.  No where this kopi Luwak is as great as the one my grandmother or mother had made in the past.

Tasting Kopi Luwak
Tasting Kopi Luwak

For 200g, the selling price is IDR320,000, which is about RM90, RM45 for 100g, I am not sure if I am ready to pay for such a premium on coffee which was previously part of poo.

Many things in life we can afford to indulge on, and perhaps poo, I have my money for better usage, else where.

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