Learning Arts Through Museum Puri Lukisan

Standing in front of the Balinese calendar, which has 35 days in a month.
Standing in front of the Balinese calendar, which has 35 days in a month.

We were walking about the Gianyar in Ubud, Bali for a short trip.  Before we went on further we encountered the Museum Puri Lukisan, which has an unique outlook, or rather most of the Balinese buildings are decorated with the unique identity, and so is the museum of arts.

The museum idea was first suggested by Rudolf Bonnet, a Dutch painter together with the Prince of Ubud in 1936 under a foundation known as Pita Maha.

The main entrance of Museum Puri Lukisan
The main entrance of Museum Puri Lukisan

I guess if the prince of the time does not like arts, there won’t be any arts museum at all, perhaps.  Just like in Singapore, the government is big into research, so the whole nation is big into research.

And in Malaysia, we are so big into transformation of the nation, everything we do – towards bringing the nation to the next level.  Blah blah blah.

The first gallery, exhibiting Lempad's work
The first gallery, exhibiting Lempad’s work

There are 4 main buildings in the museum, starting with the main exhibits of Lempaq, followed by the permanent exhibits of artworks contributed by Rudolf and many other arts collectors around the world.

Many of Lempad’s works are around the world, New York, London etc.

Lempad has many thought provoking works, one of them is the kamasutra collection.  I think perhaps not all of them are here, also the museum for security reason, did not share any of the details whether these artworks are original or copy.

A gallery exhibiting works of Lempad on Kamasutra
A gallery exhibiting works of Lempad on Kamasutra

It is a great opportunity for the kids to learn and appreciate about arts here.  Take the time to go through all the exhibits here.  The best part about the museum visit is the part about the included lunch, so we had some Balinese cuisine, which was such a treat, and we love the food very much.

Where as for those love to learn about the arts, be sure to sign up for the classes.  Too bad, we have some other plans, or else, we would have joined the session too, you get the tea break, lunch etc while learning the arts here, good right?

The entrance fee with lunch is IRD115,000, and be sure to come here at 9am, and plan your time well till 6pm.


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