Airport Tax @ Ngurah Rai Airport

Ngurah Rai International, Bali
Ngurah Rai International, Bali

While I was loving Ubud, that feeling lasted until I got into the cab, which took us to the Ngurah Rai Airport at Denpasar, Bali.  Anyway, the whole feeling of disliking Bali got worse when we were at the boarding gate.

We were told we need to get the payment settle before we could board the flight back home.

The cost – IDR200,000 per person.  So it was IDR1,000,000 for all of us.  When we checked with the airline company at the check in counter, they told us all the passengers have to get the airport duty paid before boarding.

This gives me the ‘Ah-Long’ aka loan shark feel.  We are being held hostages after we have been so kind to spend our hard earned money in Bali during the vacation, and the government decided to make more, so, there goes additional about RM60 for each of us.

Next major turn off for Bali, the duty free.  We wanted to buy some stuff and when we were at the cashier counter, we were told credit card only for IDR, for US Dollar amount, we gotta pay cash, i.e. the US Dollar.

And, the flies.  Thought an international airport, should have slightly better hygiene than the rest, well, nope.  I could see flies, not everywhere, but there are flies around.

While the arts are fun, furniture is ok, local food is great, but almost everything is premium for tourists, I guess I will skip this place for the holiday destination, and never will I come back.

One last thing, the KFC tasted bad.


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