Walking about paddy field

Sunrise, at Ubud, Bali
Sunrise, at Ubud, Bali

Retna and I spent almost every morning around 5:30am or 6am walking about the paddy field at Monkey Road, Ubud.

Not too sure who owns the paddy field, but they are really well taken care of, and I think the farmers have done a really good job.  But then come to think of it, the farmers would have to do a good job, or else there is no harvest nor yield.  On top of which, it is a rather significant ritual, I mean the rice in Bali.  Rice is used as one of the key element in the worship and offerings.

The walk about is pleasant, as almost all the locals in Ubud welcomes the visit.  Tourists mean money.

Sunrise, another shot taken at different paddy field
Sunrise, another shot taken at different paddy field

The villa we stayed is just like 8m away from a small plot of paddy field.  But we checked the others as well at the same area, perhaps they are owned by different farmers.

Although one may like the serenity of Ubud, but when you think about investing in a piece of property here, sorry, no foreigner.  Unless you are owning through a local, which would put your money at a lot of risk.

So, if you like it here, come again, spend the money, a lot for a trip, when you are here again.


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