Epic Fails

Epicenter, depicted by Wikipedia
Epicenter, depicted by Wikipedia

Taken from Wikipedia on what is epicenter – The epicenterepicentre /ˈɛpɪsɛntər/ or epicentrum[1] is the point on the Earth‘s surface that is directly above the hypocenter or focus, the point where an earthquake or underground explosion originates. 

Then, taken from EpiCentre’s website:-

“The last of the human freedom is to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances.”-Victor Frankl

Seriously well said by Jimmy Fong, the co-founder of EpiCentre, the premium Apple reseller in Singapore and Malaysia.  Oh, it has one in IOI Mall, where #WelcomeToPuchong land is.  Generally a blessed land, until idiots arrived to dictate the otherwise.

I was at EpiCentre, IOI Mall on Monday, together with Inez.  I brought her there, since she likes hanging with the iPad, iPhone etc, just like any other kids.  Perhaps adults too.

Even though her dad has the iPad, iPhone, and even almost all the Mac models, but her dad does not allow her to play with them, simply, she has to learn to respect these stuffs do not belong to her, but to her parents.

Well, it was also a time for me to check on what I can get for her for Christmas, since she has been bugging me about an iPad, of which she found her talent in handling the DJ app, which is known as DJAY, so, I decided to let her explore.

There were also other parents there, probably with the same motives as me, and we were all like civilised people, checking out the technology, in regardless of whether you already has the iPhone, iPod, iPad or not.  Inez really could spin the records well, and I realised she could learn a thing or two about DJ-ing.  I think when one has the talent and potential, let’s not waste it.  Just explore it further, like every parent should be, blah blah blah….

“Mr. please leave this place now, as we do not allow drinks in here!” EpiCentre sales assistant yelled at me, of course loudly.  The parents next to me, from friendliness to now, distancing themselves from me, as I am the outcast, now.  Ok, the reality kicks in.

I chose to ignore the SA and continued my time with Inez.  Guess what, he hung on next to me like a leech.  Probably he will do that insulting until I chose to leave.  Guess what, I was not going to.  Hey, is this the way you talk to your customer, ok, I actually have bought the following EpiCentre IOI Mall prior to this:-

1. Macbook Pro 13 x 3

2. White MacBook x 2

3. iPad x 1

4. iPad Mini x 1

5. Lightning cable, lost count how many

6. Apple accessories, also lost count how many

7. Sennheiser headphone

8. Bags, sleeve, iPad case etc

Ok la, unlike most of the Puchong-ites, I ain’t big into spending at EpiCentre IOI Mall, but I guess from the above, should have achieved in the range of 5 figures?

Hmm, is this how you yelled at a customer who have spent at your outlet, like fucking paying your salary, your rental, water, electricity bills, blah blah blah, also, whatever the fuck you need to buy to feed your families?  Oh, you forgot about that.

I could imagine if ever anyone do that to any of our clients, like yell at them, because they hold on to a drink while visiting us at work?  I would fire the guy immediately.

Ok, no food and drink policy, duly noted.  Hey, but I am not really like inside your outlet, nor I am playing, touching any of your fucking Apple products.

One thing for sure, I ain’t going into EpiCentre and any of its outlet, no matter what.  Because you just fucked your customer away.


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