#YouDontHaveToGo #TheInterview

Courtesy of Sony Picture
Courtesy of Sony Picture

Watched The Interview this morning, after most people may have watched it few hours before me.

Before I move on, this is not really a great movie.  I mean, it is a cheap comedy, which does not require a lot of intelligent to digest the overall movie content.  Like so long you know the porn, profanity, you are set for this movie.

You probably do not need to read any history or background of North Korea.

Yep, that is The Interview. 

The heat of the movie is mainly surrounded by the Sony hack incident which then US finger pointing North Korea, and also the assistance seeking from the China blah blah blah.

Sony pulled the movie off the theatre mainly the movie theatre does not want to take the risk of its audience, then the hooha extended to having the movie online, and of course later so many of the theatres decided, what the heck, let’s show it.

The whole movie is probably typical Seth Rogan, lots of profanity and sex, mainly looking at women as sex symbols, nothing else.

What I like the most about the movie, actually one thing – honey potted, honey-dick.

The rest, for the laugh and some good time during the Christmas.  I am not sure how female would feel about this movie, since the female roles are mainly sex, lot of sex.

So, #YouDontHaveToGo #TheInterview

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