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TGV Movie Club, good programme, poor customer service
TGV Movie Club, good programme, poor customer service

I joined the TGV Movie Club.  I must say, I actually prefer TGV over GSC, even though the later is an associated company of my brother’s current work place.

So, even in the family, we got to decide and choose what we like in life.

Took up the membership from the TGV iOS app on my phone few days ago, as we wanted to watch The Hobbit – The Battle of Five Armies.  So, registered online, and then led to the online payment page of RM28.  Wanting to check what RM28 comprises of.  Nothing, no information whatsoever on the phone app. 

Well, did the usual thing, when I was at the TGV, I asked the Movie Club counter, what was that RM28 that I was being charged for.

“What?  Not sure la sir, we are here to sign up new member only.  Not sure about the benefits la.” A female service personnel informed me.

“Then, what you doing here?  You are signing people up, without knowing what you are leading them to sign up for?” I asked.

So, as you can see, this is typically how TGV or any other businesses focusing on providing the services to customers, paying customers.

“Not sure.”

“Don’t know.”

“I am new la, I just joined.”

The above is bloody lame excuses for not knowing how to explain.

There was once we were in Sunway Pyramid, watching the Men In Black 3D on IMAX, we were told that the online ticketing do not qualify for 3D glasses, which we then had to queue to redeem the physical tickets, and then walked back to the counter to get the glasses, and the movie was already passed 15mins.

You see, it is easy to loose a customer, really.

Just fucked them hard one time, if not, the second, third and so on.  They sure to leave.

So, I have been fucked by TGV.

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