Experiencing The Professional Auto Detailing

Our beloved Citroen DS5, seen at AutoDetailer
Our beloved Citroen DS5, seen at AutoDetailer

Have been in touch with Darren, the founder of AutoDetailer, which is the professional car detailer in the country.  There are many auto detailers around, but you could see it yourself when you are talking to one, Darren, is one whom impressed me a lot about his passion and knowledge on the car detailing.

There are few reasons why we wanted to send our Citroen DS5 for the detailing work done.

Protect whatever already nice about the car.  Yes.  This is especially true when coming to maintaining a French fleet, which is always under the weather when comes to maintenance the overall good looking-ness of the car.  I am proud to say that the former Citroen Grand C4 Picasso we had, we kept it in tip-top condition, from inside out.

Giving the existing car a nicer finishing.  The car may have arrived at NAZA in its best form.  However, doubt NAZA team would have done a really nice job in keeping the cars in tip top conditions.  Ok, let’s not be bias about NAZA, probably all the automotive distributors are probably like that too.  So, relying on the car company to give that fresh nice touch on the car, they may lack that skill, mainly they may not want to spend additional before delivering the car to the customer.

Shows what you never know about your car.  Not only the premium and luxury cars required the detailing work done, but to any cars that owners care and love enough.  Of course have enough to spare on the expenses.  The service fee is not on the low side.

Harsh weather, driving around.  It is really harsh driving.  Not just in Puchong.  Our car got hit by large stone in Rawang.  Before this, got hit in Puchong too.  Found the specialist who can fix this, in like 30mins.  So, the detailing work would provide some form of protection or shield on the harsh weather as well as terrible driving scenarios here.

After the detailing work done
After the detailing work done

The finishing, something to cherish on.  I like it.





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