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Mrs Tan, with her paintings, the first time she painted for us
Mrs Tan, with her paintings, the first time she painted for us

Tan-Vijayan has great interest in arts – be it, music, drawings, paintings and even work, yep, sometimes we think some of the campaigns we did are great pieces of artworks 🙂

Attended the Doodle – Malaysia Exhibition with Retna, Elijah and Inez earlier.  Ok, I know you are going to ask why no Ariel, he has a short moment of dissatisfaction about some stuff, so we left him at home with our niece.  We, have to learn how to grow up, old in life.  We let him be.

The exhibition took place at Caterpillar Stretching Programme, located at Seri Hartamas, it is a dance studio with a small cafe, serving home made food & healthy drinks. Through Retna, I met many doodle artists whom are generally some other profession, and not a full artists, which I pretty much enjoy meeting many of them.  We can’t be all artists, and no one do other stuff, but keep the spirit of arts alive.

Large group of doodle artists working together
Large group of doodle artists working together

Retna and I have been moving our kids away from the technology world, I mean not totally, but they are away from tablets, smartphones, TV, computers throughout this school holiday.  What they are into?  Drawing, doodling, painting, reading (yep, they have read whatever we have at home, as well as the magazines, newspapers we have at work daily).  And only this week, I passed them the Amazon Kindle, so they could stop bugging me for more books.

Not everyone, part of the doodle artists and visitors at the gallery
Not everyone, part of the doodle artists and visitors at the gallery


And, I can see most of the kids attending the exhibition are also big into drawings, which is really encouraging.  It is great to meet parents and kids staying away from relying technology for their kids.  It is really great.

I hate passing my phone to our kids, never ever I will, other than letting them speaking to our mothers, relatives, or else, none.  They can’t touch our phones for games, also, our phones have no games.

So, coming back to the Doodle Exhibition 🙂

There are many doodle artworks on displayed today, with some of them really on the professional standard.  But I think not all the artists brought their works here today, perhaps away or maybe not planning to.

It is a great avenue for doodle artists to showcase their works, at the same time, to learn, and collaborate with other artists.

For Elijah, he met Joshua, who could just doodle on his sketchbook, in less than 5 minutes for any subject.

More this kind of session should be organised for the hobbyists and artists to come together in a neutral platform to collaborate and expand the arts, or keeping the arts alive.

Looking forward to the next.

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