Don’t let go, you got the music in you

Sunrise at Ubud, Bali
Sunrise at Ubud, Bali

Listening to New Radicals’ You Get What You Give, the chorus is always encouraging.  When you feel your dream is dying, hold, you got the music in you, don’t let go.

I want to share some lessons I learn from Taekwondo and cycling.  The lesson could be contradictory, but they probably drives us to the same goal.  I mean what we want to achieve.

My Taekwondo instructor always taught us, give all of you in the match or training, don’t keep anything.  Just let everything you learn and got, out, all out.  Nothing is left.

So during the martial arts training, I was leaner, actually much leaner than now ha ha.  I remember in few matches, I gave all of me and resulted 2 opponents loosing their teeth.

During the cycling, the senior and veteran cyclists taught me, “Hey Sam, don’t finish all your energy, you need them to reach the destination and come back.”

See what is contracting here?

However, they bring us to the same goal.

Taekwondo, in the shortest route possible to KO (knock out) the opponents.  In cycling, sustain your energy to complete the ride or race.

In life, we are to meet challenges that require us to finish them fast, and effectively, while the others, long processes, some time, to reach the goals.


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