How to wear your Pebble Steel?

Pebble Steel, wearing it facing inward
Pebble Steel, wearing it facing inward

Was asked by a few why I wear the Pebble Steel inward.

Ok, I actually struggled a bit to get the watch face, facing down.  Mainly that the watch would be scratched easily.  However, with the Steel, comes with anti-scratch.  I did it la.

So, why?

I do not like others to read what is on my watch.  Especially when the notifications appearing on the screen.  While some may just wanna check what watch I am wearing, but I prefer notifications just for me only.  I do not want others to read what’s coming for me.

More so, for work related stuff, just never know who are the frenemies.

So there you go.

Good that Steel is not very thick, or else would be kind of hard to put on.


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