Talking about ambition

Our daughter, who wants to be a ballerina
Our daughter, who wants to be a ballerina

I wanted to be a pilot.  I seriously wanted to.  However, I failed the computer game test.  All right, I suck on the computer games ok.

So, wishing and thinking about becoming a doctor.  Well, too much competition and I did not get the grade which allow me to apply for the scholarship.  Also, my parents do not have any property to get rid of to pay for the expensive medical degree overseas.

I just decided to do what I like to do and could make a living instead.

I can still be a pilot actually.  All I need to do, is to get myself certified to be able to fly a plane.  Of course, money is required.  But not impossible.

We have to live in dreams.  Dreams that drive us to become better in life, to reach where we wanted to be.

For sure not easy.  Nothing is easy in this world.  Even to have a really nice Hokkien Mee, we have to drive there, find the car park, then look for places to sit, order, then to eat it in a really stuffy and hot environment, then pay, sometimes at a premium.  Ok, I have to reconsider whether I should be going to these outlets again, ha ha.

Was talking to twins about their bad grades at school which will make it really hard to find anything they want to do in future.  One of them said can be a garbage collector.  I said, “Well, if your nose can handle the smell, maybe can work in a mortuary, since the corpse would smell too.  But do you think garbage collector jobs would be around for long?  I mean, you could start it, then by the time you are 40, the company will tell you, to lay you off.  You would be out of job, because the robots or machines have taken over your job.”

So, the above is just one thing we have to be so realistic about what we like, and what we could do for a living.  It is easier to talk about it, but sometimes, we fail to be sensitive enough to know what is to come that could take over our jobs.


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