Experiencing Orchestra @ Sydney Opera House

I dislike Sydney Opera House
Uncool part of Sydney Opera House

While the concert is spectacular, I shall share the bad experience about the Sydney Opera House first before I go on the good parts.

We took a Uber ride from where we stay to The Opera House and we got there at 6:30pm.  Went straight to the Box Office (after about 5 mins walk into the Opera House, which seems rather busy at that time), started waiting in line to get the tickets.

There were only 1 counter opened to sell the remaining tickets for the Four Season concert, with more than 20 of us in line.  By the time the sales assistant attended to us, it was 6:50pm.  We had to rush through the whole sales process and get whatever the tickets available.

Went into the concert hall and noticed my seat was taken by an Indian kid.  When I asked the kid to move, his dad looked at me, and did not say anything, but the kids moved.

Once I seated, the kid raised his left leg and crossed, landed on my left knee.  I moved my knee away.  He moved closer.  I then told him and his dad, could they behave themselves.  That was the beginning of the nightmare.  The dad throughout the session, looked at me continuously, showing me how great he could understand the classical music, by being a conductor a seat away from me.  You could imagined the hand gestures, movement, which may have irritated some of the audience behind him.  Well, no one say anything.  Seriously?  Australian?  This is how you handle bullies?

I just ignored the dad, kid(s) and wife throughout the session, mind you, 2 hours.  Anyway, for my orchestra music enjoyment, I could put these shit-ters behind my head, well, that is what my job is.

The next nightmare.  I was, or rather we were surrounded by the Indians.  Yep, next Indian, behind Indian too.  I have nothing against any Indian, and I marry a Sri Lankan.  A kid kept shouting I don’t like this, I don’t that, sneezed on my hair, with you know what on my head.  When I looked at the family, they did not say anything, neither any apology.

That were my horrible experience at the Sydney Opera House.





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